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 Also known as honey wine, Mead has been around for at least 9,000 years and has one of the most interesting histories spanning many lands, literature, and points in history. Just a brief internet search of mead will find one visiting ancient Egypt, reading passages of “Beauwulf”and learning where the term “honeymoon” really came from.  It has been the drink of Roman "Elites", medieval kings and queens, and those celebrating and sharing special events with friends and relatives.  Although still the national drink of many countries such as Poland and Ethiopia, mead has recently begun to to see a resugence in the United States where the number of meaderies has "blossomed".   In one bottle of mead you will find, on average:  The life's work of over 1300 honey bees, thousands of miles of buzzing around, and up to a million bloom visits in every every bottle! 

With an emphasis on local products, largely honey, this is a libation perfect for the Northern Georgia/Atlanta market - roud to be mead in Geoegia!  We have passionately worked at perfecting the craft to the point of producing meads that are thoroughly accessible and enjoyed by those who appreciate a truly local product.  We feature unique traditional meads on the drier side of semi-sweet, honey-forward spiced meads known as metheglins, and big fruity meads such as Dark Pearls and a few of our "seasonal" releases.   Our meadmaker produced his first mead in 1998, amidst a craft alcohol boom, while finishing college in Colorado.  Since then, with practice and a love for southern-sourced products (especially local honey), his meads have gone on to win major state (he has awards from 10 different states!) and national awards.  He is most fond of making award-winning traditional meads and honey-forward spiced meads but fruit is also a passionate about melomels -- meads fermented with fruit.  His biggest award, Best of Show at the 2015 U.S. Open, came from "Dark Pearls" a fruity melomel made from several different berries.  



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