Did you know that for every bottle of our craft mead there is the lifetime work of over 1,300 honey bees, an average of nearly 1,000,000 blossom visits, and over 25,000 honeybee-miles of flight! Before our passion for mead turns honey into a libation there is the industrious honeybee. We make sure that, as our logo implies, we stay focused on the craft of bees and the incredible role they play in producing world-class mead.

Our success starts with water right off the Georgia Mountains and select choices in yeast strain, developed from years of meadmaking, that both highlight the flavor of the honey and delivers a clean and clear mead. The process is important.


The big secret however to making great traditional mead is….. not surprisingly….high quality honey! We make sure we know the beekeepers by their first name! A substantial portion of our honey comes from our own hives supplemented by honey from local beekeepers located along the Georgia Piedmont. We have also drawn from other sources from the southern part of the state, such as Tupelo and Gallberry (Holly), and a tiny percentage of Black Mangrove honey from Sanibel Island in Southwest Florida. The BeesCraft Mead Company knows where our honey comes from…often down to the hive!


It is all about the honey and we are excited to bringing this awesome product, from the bee’s hives to your glass! Each of our meads at The BeesCraft Mead Company have taken local honey and either earned the designation of World-Class outright or were top contenders/winners for Best-of-Show in major competitions!

So….please stop by our tasting room, find us at your nearest liquor store, or ask for us at your favorite restaurant (and follow us on facebook!) and, as you enjoy our mead, just imagine...the honeybee that visited your flowers a few months ago may have contributed to the honey we used to produce that very same mead, after all, we have nearly a million blooms in every bottle. Wassail!

Locations serving BeeCraft Mead include:


Beverage Outlet

Candler Park Market

Charlie's Beer & Wine

City Liquor

Corks & Caps

Green's Beverages Ponce

Green's Liquor Store Buford




Hop City West

Hops Grain and Vine

Jax Fine Wine & Spirits Buford

Jax Fine Wine & Spirits Cumming

Johnnie Ganem

Just Tap'd Macon



Mega Package Store

Sprayberry Bottle Shop

Stockbridge Bottle Shop

Suwanee Beer Fest

The Bottle Shop

Torched Hop

World Beverage 400 

-- 1 June 2018