In the mead business it is all about the honey…and with traditional mead (mead that focuses solely on the honey itself and not spices, fruits, or other fermentibles) this is incredibly important! We have earned three medals just this year at major competitions with our traditional meads:

  • GOLD for our Tupelo Honey Traditional — Domra’s Mead Cup

  • GOLD (and runner-up Best-of-Show) for our Gallberry Honey Traditional — Michigan Mead Cup

  • SILVER for our Sea Grape Honey Traditional — National Valhalla Mead Cup

The key to success starts with the fact that we are using water right off the Georgia Mountains and a yeast strain blend, developed from years of meadmaking, that both highlights the flavor of the honey and delivers a clean and clear mead. There is little doubt this process is important, and you don’t get great mead without it, but the big secret to making great traditional mead is….. not surprisingly….high quality honey (see Ken Schramm’s book “The Complete Meadmaker)!

How do we ensure high-quality honey? We make sure we know the beekeepers by their first name! A substantial portion of our honey will come from our own hives supplemented by honey from local beekeepers located along the Georgia Piedmont. We have also drawn from other sources from the southern part of the state, such as Tupelo and Gallberry (Holly), and a tiny percentage of Sea Grape honey from Sanibel Island in Southwest Florida.

The BeesCraft Mead Company knows where our honey comes from…often down to the hive!

It is all about the honey and we are absolutely looking forward to bringing this awesome product, from their hives to your glass, to North Georgia next summer (or maybe earlier!!)

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