Like a child during the last few days before Christmas…the anticipation is really beginning to build and a two-year odyssey is about to come to and end…

Having sent some zany and wild mead samples into competitions over the years (including one with home-grown bell peppers!) the last two have been unique as we focused on solely sending and refining what would become the signature mead recipes. Our focus has been simple, using local products to produce world-class mead.

The result … a slew of local and national awards, with world-class scores, from 10 different states from as far away as Colorado to, well, Georgia and Florida. This includes either Best-of-Show/ runner-up showings in several major (50 meads or more) competitions including The U.S. Open, Meadlennium, The Peach State Brew Off, and The Michigan Mead Cup. Our bees couldn’t be happier.

So after spending a great deal of time and care refining our product…we are beginning to feel an bit impatient and can’t wait to bring these products to you!!! See you in June!

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