Mead is often used synonymously with the term “Honey Wine” (Schramm, 1993) and, at least initially, probably best thought of that way as in its simplest form it is merely honey (instead of grapes), water, and yeast. Most historians argue that it is the oldest of all alcoholic beverages with evidence of people imbibing in mead over 8000 years ago and was probably one of (McGovern et al., 2004), was once considered the drink of the gods by the Greeks (and still by many kings and queens), is referenced in classic literary works, and was used as a medicine in many cultures (Laimer and Marsteller, 2015). As a matter of fact, mead may have put the ‘med’ in ‘medicine as “med” as some swear by its medicinal properties (Justine, 2016).

Obviously we can’t make medicinal claims but we are (very) excited to help revive this libation, one of the fastest growing segments of the alcoholic beverage industry, to Georgia and beyond. We are especially proud of our traditional meads… basically relying on honey, water, and yeast…and have taken numerous major awards (our latest being Gold at the highly competitive Michigan Mead Cup last fall) in a category where process and yeast choice have to be perfect. We will be producing a whole series of “Southern Honeys” starting with “Southern Gal” (shown above) — a gourmet honey known as Gallberry honey sourced right here in Georgia!

In short, we will begin fermenting mead any day now and begin sales seven or eight weeks later. Until then, I am excited to share with you many of the interesting facets of this particular beverage from its many styles to its history to different ways it can be paired or mixed. HOWEVER, in the end, I’m most excited to share with you our products, to become your mead maker, and share with you how our local honey becomes your world class mead!


Your Mead Maker,



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